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Monday, March 10, 2008

Health and investment news for retirees and aging baby boomers

Good day everyone!  I'm Jeff N Marquis at the business desk and I would like to start the week with our headlines and tidbits for retirees and aging baby boomers.  It takes a lot of time for anyone to research important news items on health and investment and we honestly believe that it is of the utmost importance for retirees and aging baby boomers to keep abreast of these types of tidbits and headlines.
We know how important time is to you and this is why we want to help; by bringing you this information.  So, here now are our tidbits and headlines.  If you have any feedback or info to share on these topics, then please, by all means, send them to me at
Have a great day!  I'm Jeff N Marquis at the business desk.
Health and investment news for retirees and aging baby boomers
Baby boomers - Seniors - The Mature Market : daily news on ...
Women Over 45 in the UK : It is this 'baby boom' generation, the first to kick ... REPORT : Baby Boomers Redefining Retirement, says BMO's Dr. Sherry Cooper ...
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Awesome statistics from victims of EXPEDIA dot com
By Administrator
hotel , Satu Mare , Travel to Eastern Europe , bram stokers dracula , folk music , Transylvania Map , Bucharest hotels , travel tips , Romanian hotels , Black Sea Resort , Bucharest airport , Sighet , bran castle , Castle Dracula ...
Travel tips - 
uTranslate4me: From the Business Desk
I'd like to kick off the week with our weekly feature, health and investment news for women, retirees, and aging baby boomers. ...
For more detail check out:
Bright spots for workers in a shaky economy
Baltimore Sun - United States
Challenger says information technology expertise in the areas of anti-hacking and computer security is also hot. • Energy: Population growth in China, ...
For more detail check out:,0,3411240.column
Spring Cleaning Identity Theft Tips
WYTV - Youngstown,OH,USA
"Thieves can get ahold of your personal and financial information in several ways, including lost or stolen wallets, pilfered mail computer viruses, ...
For more detail check out:
Aging workforce fuels concern of labour shortage - Canada
We know that it is inevitable that baby boomers approaching retirement will eventually retire or leave the labour market,'' Bowlby said. ...
For more detail check out:
Simmering domestic issues face next US president
Reuters - USA
... be accomplished as the national debt rises and 77 million baby boomers start drawing Social Security retirement payments and Medicare health benefits. ...
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Sault still short of trade workers - census
Sault Star - Sault Ste-Marie,Ontario,Canada
For several years, researchers have warned about potential labour shortages across Canada based on the aging of baby boomers - those born between 1946 and ...
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Generation Ageless
By drupagliassotti
Still driven by a preoccupation with self rather than community, Baby Boomers will force changes in policies regarding retirement ages, health care, and Social Security and challenge stereotypes about the aging process and retirement ... 
Three things baby boomers won't tell you - InvestmentNews
Jul 23, 2007 ... Health is the second factor most affecting retirement income needs, ... faces an interesting conflict driven by the aging boomer population: ...
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Boomers put off retiring - Cracked Nest Egg-
The data paint a picture of aging baby boomers facing longer, more active lives, coupled with rising ... Add Cracked Nest Egg headlines to your news reader: ...
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