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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Warning! be ware of those who call themselves tecnicians

Good day everyone!  I'm Jeff N Marquis at the business desk and I too would like to wish one and all the very best for 2007.
For my first blog of the year I'd like to issue a very stern warning to you re those who are either posing as technicians or those who are really not qualified to call themselves technicians.
Over the Christmas holidays we received literally hundreds of emails from many disgruntled and angry persons sharing their stories of doom and gloom about how they were taken for hundreds of bucks by some small companies who failed to provide them with adequate and professional support.  You may think that hundreds of dollars may not be much but to a home user it is lots and when a company that has been recommended to you fails to provide standard support it is not acceptable.  These days there are literally hundreds of thousands of companies out there that are advertising themselves as top of the line technical support to home users on a 7 24 basis but in actuality these companies are not being staffed by experienced staff.  In fact, these companies are employing fly by night technicians and with little or no training they are sending them out in the field to provide service to home users.
Many home users are not experienced enough to help themselves when it comes to functions such as data transfers, software updates, hardware connections, system updates, and other types of installations.  Over 90% of them are either technical shy or are just too timid to learn how to use their computer systems.  In addition, they are very much in the dark when it comes to knowing how to properly maintain their systems, protect themselves from hackers and cyber pirates, and they don't know very much about such things as spyware and anti virus software.  Accordingly, they are turning to these small companies for help but in so doing they are opening up themselves to even more problems.
We have had several of our readers sending us emails re their horror stories and one of the companies that has been constantly cropping up in these emails is one called Nerds Onsite.  It appears that this company has managed to establish itself on an international level with several offices in North America, Britain, and Europe.  According to what we've found on their website, their head office is located in London Ontario Canada and was founded by some guys in Ontario.  They do not have any physical office instead choosing to have their technicians do their work at the homes of their clients.  There is a toll free number for North America and when you call and ask for a technician they send you one that lives closest to you. 
On paper it sounds like a novel idea, but according to the emails that we have received, Nerds Onsite has been sending out under qualified, unprofessional, and unskilled technicians to do the job.  In addition, whenever their technicians commit errors and again according to our readers these errors are very basic, they refuse to take responsibility choosing instead to ignore the calls from their clients.  Several readers have reported that Nerds Onsite send out technicians who can't even do things such as configure email addresses in Outlook Express, Who don't even know how to properly defrag a hard drive, who can't even install spyware and anti virus software, who install Windows updates without even checking to see if these updates have affected any existing software on the customer's hard drive, who can't even transfer data from the customer's hard drive to a diskless drive, plus more.
From our research,Nerds Onsite is a relatively new company but I feel that it is my responsibility to pass along warnings and cautions about this company from our readers.
I'll close for now and hope you have a great evening.  If you're in the market for proofreaders, editors, ghost writers, and blog writers, then visit  Here you'll find top notch services at very reasonable prices.


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