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Monday, January 15, 2007

Teenage depression on the rise

Good morning!  I'm Kerry J Harrison at the business desk and I'd like to wish all of our readers the very best for 2007.
I'd like to kick off the new year with a little chat on teenage depression.  Teenage depression seems to be on the rise right here in our backyard and so many of us are really struggling to deal with it.
Depression spares no one when it comes to choosing its victims.  From the youngest to the oldest and even our pets are part of the equation.  There are literally hundreds of reasons for depression:  From illness to loss of one's job.  From the birth of a baby to being down with the flu.  From stress in the workplace to changes in the weather.  From having to move to a new home to the loss of a loved one.  Whatever the reason, I'd like to zoom in on teenage depression this morning.
For the most part, we think of teenagers as being gregarious, loud, noisy, happy go lucky, lively, daring, and free spirited.  However, more and more teenagers seem to be falling prey to the iron grip of depression and as a mom of teenagers I feel that it is important for us to be aware of some of the more common tell tale signs of depression in our teenagers.  Several health experts have identified the following signs as some of the leading ones:
Anxiety, crankiness, sadness, withdrawal from social activities, and the development of strange habits.
If you find that your teen is suddenly starting to develop anxiety traits then it may be time for you to check into why.
If you notice that your teen is becoming more and more cranky then maybe you should start to pay closer attention to their mood.
If your teen seems to be sad for no good reason then you need to do something about it.
If your teen suddenly starts to withdraw from normal social activities and begins to spend more time in their room then you should become more concerned.
If your teen suddenly starts to develop habits that are normally not their way of life, then something may be wrong.
We should keep in mind that the teenage years are normally the most difficult in the lives of both parents and teenagers.  The teenage years are when our youngsters experience such things as growing pains, hormone changes, they discover the opposite sex, their emotional beings go through ups and downs, they start entering adulthood, and they also start to discover themselves.  Not an easy time for them and lots for them to cop with.
In a world where technology continues to speed ahead, the definition of family continues to change and revolve, education continues to redefine itself, and so many other factors continue to appear and disappear, our teenagers have more to cope with than we did as teens.  So, no wonder teenage depression is on the rise.  There needs to be a greater emphasis placed on the development of coping methods for our teens and we as parents can help our teens by keeping in mind those leading tell tale signs that I have identified above. 
Have a great day.


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