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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

MasterCard's survey of women

Hi everyone!  I'm Heather DeMarco at the business desk and a very happy New Year to you.
I'd like to start things off by focusing in on the results of a survey that was released by MasterCard in early December 2006.  I found these results very interesting and more so as a woman.  Hopefully those of you reading this blog would or could use this info to target your products and services in a better way if your business is geared towards women. 
From these results it appears that women are becoming more and more influential as the purchasers both as single consumers and as purchasers on behalf of the family.  The MasterCard results revealed that in the age bracket 18 to 24, 54% of buyers were women and in the case of ages 35 and upward this figure climbed to about 61%. 
I think that these figures are very important when it comes to targeting our ads and marketing messages.  For example if we hope to reach the eyes and ears of youngsters, we would probably have to go through the eyes and ears of their mothers.  If we hope to catch the interest and attention of dads, we may probably have to also catch and hold the attention and interest of their wives and girlfriends.  If we want to make an impression of those single men, then too we may probably have to do the same on their girlfriends and significant others because as we well know single men are almost always influenced by what their significant female others say or feel. 
Many experts are saying that the female influence is quite heavy when it comes to things like:  
The purchasing of a home by a couple or family.
The purchasing of clothes for kids and teens.
The purchasing of foods for the family.
The purchasing of appliances for the family.
The decorating of the home.
Lots for you to contemplate and I wish you a pleasant day.  
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