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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Challenges for tele communicators

Hello there!  I'm Matt Chadwick at the business desk and boy is it cold in my neck of the words! 
Today I'd like to pay some attention to those millions of tele communicators.  A name that has been coined for persons who work from home.  During the past few years more and more companies have chosen to allow their employees to work from home.  Some do it on a fulltime basis, while others do it on a part-time basis.  What we're seeing these days are some people who choose to work fulltime from home and consequently they never come into the office, never interact on a face to face basis with their fellow workers, never have face to face interaction with their supervisors or managers unless it's necessary, and don't have a physical presence at their employer's offices.  
In the case of part-time tele communicators, they maintain a quasi physical presence at work but most of their time is spent working from home.  Some part-time tele communicators do work more at the office than at home but never the less part-time tele communicators have limited physical interaction with their co-workers and their managers.
When companies first started to allow tele communication, most of them did it because they felt that it would help to stimulate and motivate their work forces.  In general, they felt that it would allow their employees to better manage their time between work and family, it would help to reduce overhead cost in that they would be able to cut down on office space, but most of all it would help to increase production levels.
Many employees welcomed the whole idea of tele communication because they felt that it would allow them to spend less time away from home, reduce their time in traffic snarls, reduce their stress levels re having to deal with travel time, reduce their costs for such things as gas, parking, and wear and tear on their vehicles, plus more. 
For the most part tele communication has worked and both employers and employees seem to be quite happy with the results.  However, in a report released last week here in the United States, a survey of the top 100 companies revealed that over 61% of managers say that they would be more likely to promote those workers who choose to work fulltime at the office.  When asked why the majority of managers stated the following:
It's more difficult to evaluate an employee when they are not physically at work.  It's easier to evaluate someone who you see on a regular basis.  Face to face interaction is very important and so it's difficult to gain a good comfort level with someone that you only interact with either via email or by phone.  It's easier to evaluate a person if you can interact with them physically.  Team building is more easily achieved if team members are able to interact physically rather than by phone or by email.  Interacting by phone or by email is very useful when it comes to convenience and covering long distance interaction but the face to face interaction is really important when it comes to dealing with such factors as team building and evaluating one's work and one's work habits. 
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