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Monday, January 22, 2007

Challenges for experienced workers being laid off

Good day everyone!  I'm Jeff Marquis at the business desk and I'd like to start the week by zooming in on those experienced workers who have either been laid off or are facing the unpleasant prospect of being laid off.
It's never a very happy situation for any worker to be laid off both expectedly or unexpectedly but for workers with experience it's even more difficult.  For the past few years there has been a very worrisome trend creeping into the American workplace.  That being that many companies are more and more likely to get rid of those workers with more experience because for reasons like trying to save on high salaries, wanting to employ younger workers, and wanting to give younger workers a chance.  Right or wrong it's what's happening today and it also appears that the invisible cut-off age is anyone over 40 years today is in trouble. 
I for one am in total disagreement with this trend.  Not because that I myself am over 40 but also for the simple fact that we need to keep our experienced workers in the workplace.  Our experienced labor force have a very important part to play in the workplace and our younger workers could never hope to carry the ball without the support, tutelage, and guidance from their more experienced colleagues.
Many experts are saying that with all of this in mind, experienced workers need to safeguard themselves from being unexpectedly laid off, they need to prepare themselves for being told that they are no longer needed, and they need to look after themselves first.  For if they don't their employers certainly won't.  I've done a bit of research and I've found some tips for those of our experienced workers who are in these types of situations.
Develop networks outside of work.  Join both social and business clubs.  If you are interested in or play any kind of sport then join a sporting club.
Keep your eye out for job opportunities that are similar to what you presently do.
Every now and then apply for something that interests you and if asked for an interview go to it.  It never hurts to get your name out there even if you may not be seriously looking at the present time.
If you can, make some time to do volunteer work.  You'd be surprised to know how many people have found jobs through volunteering.
Keep your resume and skill set updated. 
Keep up to with marketplace trends and demands.
I hope that these tips help you and if you're looking for some useful info then check out the best seller Untapped Wealth Discovered.  This book will help you to identify some very important trends in the marketplace at the present time and will show you how to take advantage of these trends.  You can order Untapped Wealth Discovered from this website or purchase it at
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