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Monday, January 29, 2007

Can pets help?

Greetings everyone!  I'm Jayna Sheffield at the business desk and I hope that everyone had a great weekend.  I'd like to kick off the week by talking a bit about pets.
We're now well into the dreary winter season and it's that time when millions of Americans and many more around the world who live in countries where winter exists at this time are finding it so difficult to stave off that old nemesis called depression.  There are also millions of persons who suffer from an affliction called SAD, a type of depression that is caused by changes in weather.  
What to do about all of this?  Of course many people need to depend on medication to deal with their depression but there is also something else that the experts are promoting these days and that is the use of pets.  According to a report released last week, the health experts are saying that pets can not only help you to cope and overcome depression, but they can also help you to lower your levels of cholesterol, stress, and heart disease.  We all know that a dog is man's best friend, that cats can make lovable pets, that looking at fish in an aquarium can help to soothe the nerves, and that the sound of birds can go a long way to perk you up.  Could these be the keys to helping us to improve our quality of life?  Could our pets help us to be less anxious, stressed out, obtain more peace of mind, be more relaxed, plus more?
As a dog owner I for one can tell you that my golden retriever Yella brings me total satisfaction and joy.  Yella joined our family two years ago and we all love her dearly.  Whenever I need to catch my breath or find some quiet down time I call to Yella and she and I go for long walks.  With tail wagging, tongue hanging out, and barks of joy, she runs ahead of me just happy to be in my company.  Sometimes I even find my son talking to her whenever he seems to have a problem.  It's so funny to see him with his head close to hers just talking softly to her and in return she sits there seeming to be paying close attention to what he's saying.  Her ears perk up, her head is close to his, and sometimes she even lifts her paw and puts it on his shoulder.
So you can see that I'm in full agreement with the health experts.  I also know of some persons who take their dogs to hospitals and nursing homes to visit sick kids and the elderly and they always seem to be very happy to see their four legged friends.  Have I convinced you as yet to get a pet?
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