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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Banking fees! Are they really necessary?

Good morning!  I'm Kerry J Harrison at the business desk and today I'd like to give a tongue lashing to those banks who are charging exorbitant fees to their clients for usage of those automated banking machines. 
For the most part, banks in Britain have eliminated banking machine fees and some banks in the United States have followed suit but there are still too many that have not and just recently this same issue was raised in Canada whereby one of the leaders of an opposition party accused Canadian banks of over charging their customers for usage of banking machines.
Banks on the whole make more than enough profits annually.  As a matter of fact, they make a bit too much in my opinion and it's about time that someone did something to control their profit, and to pay closer attention to what they charge their customers.
What it really comes down to is that banks are charging their customers to transfer their own funds.  They already charge outrageous fees for all kinds of things and are constantly coming up with ways to charge for additional transactions. 
I know that banks are a necessary evil in our lives but they can also be a pain in the neck when it comes to making our lives miserable.  They seem to spend most of their waking hours coming up with ways to take money from us but when it comes to finding ways to let us share in the wealth they fail dismally.  It is a general school of thought that banks literally charge us to keep our hard earned savings with them and in turn they take our money and loan it out to others at rates that are ridiculously high.  They loan out our money at very high rates and offer us very low rates on our savings and investment accounts.  How logical is that you think?  Time for a change here and maybe a good starting point would be to wipe out those fees for banking machine transactions.
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